Social Media Club Infographics Panel

Last night I had the opportunity to speak on the panel of the Social Media Club Austin. It was their monthly meeting and they were discussing Infographics. I think I did pretty well….a few of my comments were tweeted by the crowd, and I didn’t get overly nervous and puke on the table…bonus! It was a great event and really makes me want to go to more of these. A short writeup and photo about the meeting are below.


Infographics – the Long and the Short of It from Social Media Club ATX

Written by: @jmacofearth

I moderated a panel tonight to discuss infographics. You know those little pictograms or things you either love or hate. The USA Today chart that looks like a rain cloud or the really really long image and numbers about how awesome Facebook is. First a thanks to Kat Mandelstein, the chair of #smca for asking me to be a part of this lively discussion. And to Joey McGirr for tagging me in a photo even though I wasn’t in the photo. And thanks to the panel:   StatesmanGrafix ekmedia the_infographic Fishco_Studios all worthy folks to follow.

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