BlogathonATX 2012

GAH! I did it…I committed to going to Blogathon 2012 and here I sit in a room of my peers. It’s AWESOME! I work from home, so I tend to turn into a bit of a hermit; and, the more I’m alone, the more I stay alone. You start getting comfortable with not seeing or talking to people all day which eventually makes it harder and harder to get out and be amongst people…especially ‘strangers’. So, my resolution for 2012 was to get out and do more networking events. Thus, my attendance at #BlogathonATX.

This is my third social media networking event of the year. I attended a Social Media Club event (where I spoke on the panel) and a BASHH (Big Ass Social Happy Hour). I really enjoyed the SMC and met some fun ppl, but didn’t get much out of the BASHH…and we didn’t end up staying very long. But this BlogathonATX, I’ve already met like 10 people who are perfect for networking with and learning from. The room is FULL of fantastic fun, personable people. It’s full of energy in here.

Blogathon started as a coffee meetup 3 years ago, and now there are at least 60 ppl here. I’ve only met one full-time blooger so far, but most other people are designers, business owners, writers etc who want to blog more. So it’s been very cool. More updates to come. Just trying to warm up and get motivated to start blogging again.