8. Everyone starts wearing boots. Cowboy boots, riding boots, ankle booties. Once it drops below 85°, boots are fair fashion game.

7. Downtown is packed on the weekends as a result of UT being back in session. The cry of “Well Drinks, $1.00!” floats through the streets of Dirty 6th (Not that I go to Dirty 6th. Ever. But I’ve heard it’s like this.).

6. Everyone starts commiserating about how cold it is. “OMG, it’s only going to be 70° tomorrow! I’d better get my cage-free-organic-fed suede poncho out of my locally-owned storage facility.”

5. All talk turns to college football. Everyone starts wearing burnt orange, and people’s fingers are permanently cramped into a “hook ’em” symbol.

4. Our biggest park closes for months as we prepare for—and then clean up after—ACL, followed immediately by the Trail of Lights. You can pretty much forget about a picnic or soccer game at Zilker Park from September until January.

3. Every other post on Facebook relates to an upcoming SxSW panel or event…. or the last-minute selling of an ACL wristband.

2. Patio dining becomes nearly impossible as people crave the outdoors once again. Heat lamps are rolled out for the fall evenings (when it hits a toe-numbing 71°).

1. The lawn at Barton Springs Pool is eerily empty, and across the Austin metro area, deodorant sales plummet dramatically.