Illustrated Postcard Project

Hye Texas Wine Country Postcard

As a freelancer, I often struggle with the slow periods of the year when work isn’t flowing in so strongly that it bowls me over (to be fair, I also struggle with the fast-paced period of the year when work IS flowing in so strongly that it bowls me over). I’ve started TRYING to do something personal and creative during those slow times to practice skills I don’t get to use much in my job (ie – Illustration) and help me feel accomplished at the end of the day. This was one such project.

My husband and I own a little patch of dirt in the Texas hill country in a tiny little town called ‘Hye‘. We go there on weekends to relax, drink wine and raise bees. There are hundreds of tiny little towns in Texas (not EVERYthing is bigger here), but this is my favorite. It’s the gateway into the Texas wine country for one. It’s the home of the first legal bourbon distillery in Texas for two. And it has some of the nicest people working and living in it for three. And because of that third point, and because I want all of those friendly neighbors to be successful in the businesses they operate in Hye, I designed a postcard to promote this lovely little town.

It’s simple, cute, and has a homegrown feel, much like Hye. The postcard highlights (or HYElights, if you will) the wineries located in Hye proper and includes the distillery and my favorite burger joint, the Albert IceHouse (the ice house is technically in Albert, TX—an even tinier town than Hye—but it’s so great that I couldn’t leave it out).

Postcards are for sale now at the Hye Market. (Be sure to buy a homemade rice krispie treat while you’re there….delicious!)

Hopefully people will buy this postcard and either keep it as a souvenir of their trip to the wine country, or they’ll mail it to a friend and spread the word about Hye.