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Hi, this is Melissa with ekMEDIA and today I’m going to show you how to easily gather your content for your website project. Since I need the content in order to create a design around your text, getting the content together is an integral part of the process. I’ve tried to make it easy for you by outlining all the items I need within this Word document. If you’re a current client, you’ve probably already received this doc. If you’re not, take a look, this is what you’ll receive at the beginning of your project to guide you through the content gathering process.

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This document is broken down by the content that I’ll need for each page of your site and items such as your social media links, google analytics code, legal jargon for the site, logins for third party software, etc.


Page 1 simply reviews what I’ll need, how to provide it, and, if you’re creating new content, how you might go about writing the text for client readability and with search engines in mind.


On page 2, you’ll see a map of your website. This shows each page that is included in your project. I will need content for each page that is included on your site map. If you have a site currently and would like to use some existing content from that site, you’ll list which pages I should pull content from here. For instance, if the content on the About page of your current site will remain the same, just list About Page and the link to the page here.


Page 3 is for filling in your social media links, email address for any form submissions, third party software such as Mail Chimp if you have a newsletter signup area, and your google analytics script so I can include that info on your site.


Then page 4 begins breaking down each page of your site and denoting what information I’ll need per page. For instance, the Home page shown here will need a headline, perhaps a hero image with some text superimposed on it, and a call to action button or link on that image. Then, below that a few blocks of text describing your products and/or services; just a snippet to get the reader interested. A call to action for each item, and then any other content you’d like on the page such as a blog, rotating testimonials, buttons, etc.

The following pages of the document continue in that vein listing each page and the elements needed per page. It’s really simple … just type in the headline, body text, button text, add links to photos you’d like me to use, and any other content that should be included on that specific page.

I have setup the Home, Contact, and About pages in this document for you. Your job will be to fill in that content and then continue by adding content for all the other pages that are included in your site map.

Once you’ve completed this process, save the file and email it to me so I can get started building out your new website! I hope that helped explain how the process works and made it a little less overwhelming to gather up all the content for your website!

If you have questions about anything, please shoot me an email at Thanks!

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